Provide storage

Give your users remoteStorage accounts

There is an npm package available for building custom remoteStorage servers, called remotestorage-server. It is the basis of the starter-kit and will be updated whenever new versions of the spec come out.

To add remoteStorage support to your online storage product, please check out our forum category and follow our current "live" IETF Internet Draft, which until December 2014 is: draft-dejong-remotestorage-02.

During December 2014 - June 2015, all storage providers should switch from version 02 to version 03, and so for each subsequent six-month period (always staying at least 1 and and most 2 versions behind the newest published version).

Version draft-dejong-remotestorage-01 will become deprecated on the day version 04 comes out. Historical versions 2010.12, 2011.04, 2011.12, 2012.04, and draft-dejong-remotestorage-00 are already deprecated.

This page is still incomplete. Check back soon.